Why should you visit Australia? (Part 2)

3. The fascinating lifestyle of Aussies

The charming, laid-back atmosphere and vibrant art scene, along with its inhabitants’ cultural diversity, their friendly nature, as well as the life’s high quality, make Australia a welcoming country. You cannot help loving the relaxed way of living among the Aussies, their liberal thinking, as well as their passion for outdoor activities.

4. The fantastic beaches

Australia is proud of some of the planet’s best beaches. From stunning stretches of white sand to lively action-packed shores and meccas for surfers, there’s absolutely nothing that you can’t find here, say, the coastline stretches for over 35,000 km, no less than 10,000 beaches.

One of the most beautiful beaches here is the dazzling Cable Beach from Broome. There are also Hyams Beach – famous for the world’s whitest sand. Or else, the legendary Kirra Beach is known thanks to its gorgeous rolling waves partly. You may also love the Four Mile Beach from Port Douglas. Plus, Whitehaven Beach is close to the Great Barrier Reef. Do not miss the magnificent Shelly Beach of Sydney.

5. The adventure opportunities

The country is a paradise for your adventurous spirit. Whether you decide to explore its outback wilderness, surf along the diverse coastlines, or attempt something in between, you may be spoiled for options in this fantastic destination.

6. The shimmering cities

It has a land area bigger than Europe and a low population density. Thus, it can be up to over 80 percent of Australians living in the city.

Scattered between rivers, mountains, ocean, and wilds, metropolitan areas of Australia deliver some tremendous urban experiences. From the pulsating ambiance of Sydney to the charming European flair as well as unique coffee culture from Melbourne, there are many amazing things to see, do, and experience in the cities here.