When should you travel to Spain?

When should you travel to Spain?

Spain is one of the most culturally beautiful countries in the world. Because of its vast colonial system in the 16th century, Spain’s cultural influences have spread throughout the world with famous festivals such as bull fighting, tomato throwing, etc.

Spain is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is bordered to the north by the French, to the west by Portugal, to the east by the Mediterranean, to the south by the Strait of Gibraltar connecting North Africa.

Spanish Tourism is no stranger to travelers worldwide. It is not only the home of the vibrant flamenco dance but also the land of many ancient sites with the longest history of mankind. So for those who love to learn and explore history, this country is the most ideal and perfect choice.

When should you travel to Spain?


Spanish weather is quite mild, which is suitable for traveling on any occasion of the year so you just need to bring a few warm clothes. The 2 most beautiful occasions for traveling to Spain are:

August to September

This is the time when many major festivals in Spain such as tomato throwing festival, tower construction festival, etc. take place. Also, at this time, Barcelona city becomes quiet, airy because it is the peak occasion the Spanish go on vacation. As a result, restaurants and hotels also offer discounts, saving you travel costs a lot.

April to June

This is also a nice time to travel to Spain. At this time the weather was cool, the average temperature ranged from 19 – 23 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for sightseeing and exploring the landscape of the land of Gaur.

However, prepare a few drugs of headache and runny nose, motion sickness in case of emergency.

Have you will have a great experience traveling to Spain!