What to do in Denmark (part 5)

14. Why not dress up as one Viking at the famous Viking Museum?

Sited in Roskilde is this museum that has the claim to be famous for having up to five preserved Viking boats.

Here, the ships are more than 1,000 years old. Also, the museum has guided daily tours, which will let you know all about the way that people should have lived during that Viking Era.

On top of that, you will be able to dress up in period garb as well as going out on the water in one reconstructed boat in case you do wish to get in the things’ spirit.

15. Check out Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue 

Maybe the most iconic site in every of Denmark is the Little Mermaid’s sculpture, which is today more than 100 years old.

This sculpture is created of bronze as well as taking its inspiration from the Little Mermaid’s story by Hans Christian Andersen – a Danish native.

The Little Mermaid stays on one rock on the shoreline as well as gazing towards the land that the story tells that she falls in love with one prince.

16. Why not watch Langeland’s wild horses?

You may not be able to figure out that any wild horses have been still left in Denmark, yet indeed they are accessible on the island of Langeland that is one big hit with domestic travelers.

In this place, you will find horses flocks with foals running all over the island.

Here, the most popular location to see them should be from a small hill, which is known as Ørnehøj. Plus, you will be able to enter the area that the horses run provided that you will not bother them.

17. Go to Kronborg Castle

Sited in Helsingor is this castle that was the setting for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.