What to do in Denmark (part 4)

10. Build one tower at Legoland in Billund

It is an excellent pick if you travel with children since you get to experience every fun of playing with Lego on one massive scale.

At Billund’s Legoland, you will get to see more than 20 acres of Lego-themed parks, which include up to 40 million blocks of Lego.

Here, there are famous monument reconstructions both from Denmark as well as around the world. There are also rides and themed areas such as Castleland, Duplo land, and Pirateland.

11. Drive over Oresund Bridge

It connects the country to Sweden as well as stretching for up to five miles across the water.

This is Europe’s longest bridge, and for that reason alone, this one is worth a look since you take in the fantastic views that herald Denmark’s last glimpses and usher in new vistas when you approach Sweden. Enjoy!

12. Have fun at Dyrehavsbakken

When driving ten minutes outside of Copenhagen, you can come to the fantastic Dyrehaven, one famous lush forest containing hidden depths.

In the forest, there is Dyrehavsbakken – one amusement park as well as the oldest of its kind as it was opened in 1583. There is a selection of rides – for example, a rollercoaster lasting for 82 years and arcades, shooting ranges, as well as restaurants.

13. Discover the ancient fortress of Kastellet

It is one fortress mirroring the shape of a star.

Here, there are bastions at every one of the five star points, and it would have been one section of the original ramparts that encircled as well as protecting Copenhagen.

The area is from 1660 as King Christian IV commissioned it – he was fearful of Denmark getting attacked from the sea.

Also, you will find a church, a windmill, as well as a park. Enjoy!