What to do in Denmark (part 3)

7. Discover Lindholm Høje’s Viking burial grounds 

If you visit Lindholm Høje, then you will find several fantastic Viking artifacts in Europe.

When buried in the sands, these ones were undiscovered for many centuries before they were uncovered as well as putting on display.

These gravesites come from the Iron Age as well as the Viking Age. Here, you will find over 680 graves and more than 100 ships carved from stone.

Plus, there is one preserved village having stone circles and wells.

The Lindholm Høje Museum is part of the complex – here, many relics that were discovered have been displayed. Also, 3D exhibitions are telling the story of life from the Viking Era.

8. Appreciate Odense’s Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Hans Christian Andersen – a popular children’s writer, was born in Odense. Here, you can go to the famous Hans Christian Andersen Museum, which dates from 1908. This museum tells the writer’s life story. It also touches this writer’s work. Here, you will be able to find exhibitions that come with a lot of his unique paintings and drawings.

If you desire to hear several famous stories of him, there are listening posts that are dotted around the museum as well as a museum shop that you are likely to pick up one copy for yourself.

9. Visit the Maritime Museum

What makes this museum different from so many great museums is that this one is indeed located deep underground that it will then take you on a memorable tour of Denmark’s maritime history.

Visiting from neighboring Copenhagen is easy, and it is well worth the trip for experiencing one of the most original museum settings from the big world. Be sure you go there and appreciate yourself. You will not regret it and may want to come back again!