What to do in Denmark (part 1)

A lot of people know it as Denmark, yet it is indeed the Kingdom of Denmark owing to the Royal Family, which has resided there for many centuries and create this into a sovereign state. That is why castles and palaces feature heavily on the surrounding landscape, and if visitors are history buffs, there is a significant amount to savor.

Arguably some of the best attractions here happen out of doors because it is home to many stunning natural sights like floating dunes, which change location each year as well as majestic cliffs, which bring with them over 60 million years that are worthy of history. What if it were not enough? Then, you can immerse yourself into several islands off the country’s central coast, where you will discover vast pine forests, relaxing seals, and wild horses. 

Now, let’s dive into the best things to do here:

1. Explore Copenhagen Zoo

It is amongst the oldest zoos in Europe, and it was opened first in 1859. It sprawls over 25 land acres, and you find more than 250 different species here since more than 3,000 animals call this zoo home.

There are different sections like the Tropical Zoo that spans over 1,000 square meters as well as mimicking the rainforest’s conditions, and you will find many animals. Be sure you enjoy to the fullest.

2. Have Fun at Thy National Park

It is the first official park at the national level in the country and spans over 10 kilometers of land along Jutland’s western coastline.

Here you will discover rugged landscapes, bracing sea air, and vast pine forests.

Biking and hiking and favorite activities in the park. It is possible to stroll over dunes when you take in the fauna and flora. Do not forget to enjoy to the max!