What places to visit in Italy?

What places to visit in Italy?

1. Roma – The capital of Italy

Rome, the symbol city of Italy, is considered one of the attractive tourist destinations and not to be missed when traveling in Italy. There are many famous spots in Rome to visit as follows.

The Colosseum: where martial artists show their strength by fighting to death.

Pantheon: Built between 118-125 BC, the Pantheon is one of the main buildings of the ancient Roman Empire. It is believed that this place serves the gods because Pantheon in Latin means “Temple of all gods”.

Trevi Fountain: Don’t forget to throw a coin before leaving because according to legend if you leave a coin in this fountain, you will have the opportunity to return to Rome.

The Roman Forum: Roman Forum area also has the name Magnus Forum is the remnant ruins of a glorious period of the Roman Empire.

Famous squares in Rome: Spanish Square, Nanova Square, Venezia Square, Popolo Square

2. Vatican State

With an area of ​​0.44 square kilometers, the Vatican is the smallest independent country in the world. With a small population, the Vatican has everything that a country must have: police, a newspaper, television and radio station, tram station, postal service, etc.

What places to visit in Italy?

Besides, Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museum, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and the Holy See are some ideal places to visit.

3. Venice city of the canal

Visitors traveling to Venice should spend some time visiting St.Mark Cathedral to admire the unique dome Byzantine architecture and beautiful mosaics and many other priceless artifacts. In particular, some of the cathedral’s towers are still inlaid with gold and this is also the reason why the destination cannot stop by once when traveling to Venice, Italy.

The Grand Canal in Venice is a great suggestion for you. When coming to the most typical sights of Venice, you will experience the most romantic landscape in Italy.