Useful tips when traveling to Denmark

Suitable time of the year traveling to Denmark

Denmark has a pleasant climate for both seasons. So you can travel here year-round.


From May to early June is the most appropriate time for Danish tourism, because the temperature is quite warm and pleasant, not the most crowded time so you will avoid the price situation. escalating service and crowded, bustling.


Come to Denmark at this time, you will feel the peace here. With quiet brown colors covering the countryside.

Interesting things when traveling to Denmark

Beautiful sights in Denmark

Capital of Copenhagen

Visitors come to Copenhagen and liken it to Venice. The intertwined river system, small houses shining down into the canal, create a peaceful beauty. Please sit on the light boat on the channel to admire this peaceful beauty.

Old Town, Aarhus

Old Town is an ancient town in Denmark’s second largest port city – Aarhus is a huge outdoor museum, home to traditional houses, interesting souvenir shops, and exclusive craft shops. original The village has only 75 houses, these houses are characterized by Europe with pink tile roofs, bricks, and surrounding beautiful flower gardens.

Egeskov Castle

Egeskov is a castle built long ago in the 16th century at the island of Funen. This is a typical work of Renaissance culture in Europe. The name of the castle – Egeskov means Oak Forest because the castle is made primarily of oak material. Around the castle is a 5m deep lake and beautiful landscape with gardens filled with fragrant flowers … When visiting the castle, visitors will feel like right away with the romantic scenery here.

Hammershus Fortress

This is a medieval fort located on the coast of Bornholm, it was built in the 13th century until today it is still fully preserved. Visitors often come here to stand on the fortress of the beautiful view of the sunrise or sunset.