Top 8 most stunning cities to visit in Germany (part 4)

7. Hamburg

Compared to the rival of the capital Berlin, the wealthy port city of Hamburg captures every tourist with the most beautiful beauty and dynamism in Europe. The magical beauty of Hamburg is expressed through museums, ancient churches, lush parks, dreamy swan lake, modern and bustling shopping areas, etc.

With its economic prosperity and unique natural landscape, Hamburg is a place that attracts every visitor’s soul when he remembers unforgettable memories of beautiful Germany. Famous places not to be missed in Hamburg are: Hamburg port, Mönckebergstraße neighborhood, Alsterfleet canal, St.Pauli neighborhood, etc.

Germany with the “heart of Europe” promises to be an attractive and interesting tourist destination for traveling lovers. The country possesses world famous historical sites and wonderful beautiful landscapes and unique cultural festivals.

8. Rottweil

Rottweil town is located between the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps and is famous for three different types of festivals held every year. One is the Rottweiler Festival, where hundreds of Rottweiler dogs come from all over the world.

Monday is a festival for a summer jazz festival, and the third is the old town festival celebrating German culture. There are many festivals and other markets held throughout the year so visitors will have to face another event or event. Other attractions include a museum devoted to medieval sculptures, Roman mosaics, salt production, local dolls and toys.

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Besides, Trier was a good destination to visit in Germany. Trier was conquered by the Romans at the end of the 1st century, which is why visitors will find many places and attractions reflected in this wine town. The rest of Porta Nigra, the largest city gate of the Roman city so far, and the ruins of Roman baths are among the most visited places in Trier.

Guests also like to cross the stone bridge across the Moselle River and explore Eltz Castle and the nearby school theater. Trier is also home to one of the largest churches in Germany, St. Peter’s Church. St. Church Paulinus is also appreciated for the famous painting found on its ceiling.