Top 8 most stunning cities to visit in Germany (part 2)

Let’s continue the list of top 8 most worth-visiting places in Germany!

3. Berlin capital

Berlin capital – the cultural, economic and political capital of Germany will definitely captivate every visitor. In addition to bringing an ancient beauty with unique European architectural works and romantic, poetic natural landscapes, Berlin is also a city with the most tragic history in the world. in the 20th century, it was a remnant of the remains of the Second World War.

The most famous symbol of the separation of Germany’s two regions in Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. In addition, Berlin is a musical paradise for those who love choral sounds of famous classical bands in the world. The attractions in Berlin are: Berlin museum, Philharmonic theater, Spree river, Charlottenburg castle, …

4. City of Munich

With the name of one of the most livable cities in Germany, Munich attracts millions of visitors every year. In Munich, visitors will admire the long-standing historical values ​​through the ancient architectural works mixed with modern buildings with the specified height of not more than 109 m. One of Munich’s most famous landmarks is the Mother Mary Marienplatz square in the city center.

In addition, the most prominent feature when coming to Munich at the end of September to mid-October is the grand and vibrant Oktoberfest beer festival.

The capital of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany, Munich has many arts, culture, technology, education and tourism. There are many tourists to do here, especially for those who like to explore old museums and churches for centuries.

There are a number of iconic churches like St. Cathedral. Peter’s and Frauenkirche Church, important art galleries like Museum Brandhorst, and Neue Pinakothek, and museums like the German Museum. Sports enthusiasts will love to visit the club of professional teams or take a surfing trip on the river, which Munich is famous for. Don’t forget the event that attracts people from all over the world; The annual Oktoberfest celebration in Munich and the Hofbrauhaus beer hall are famous for a visit!

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