Top 6 most popular tourist destinations in Thailand

Grand Palace

Grand Palace is known as the Royal Palace of Thailand. This Thai tourist area is not only a place to live and work of the Thai royal family, but it also possesses extremely beautiful architecture and becomes one of the places to visit that no one can ignore. The pinnacles here are also laminated with gold leaves, creating persistent yellow color over time and especially shining in every sunshine of Bangkok city.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

This temple is located on the grounds of the Royal Palace. Although the Palace also owns quite a number of large and small temples, the Emerald Buddha Temple is the largest and most prominent temple. This place possesses great statues of gods, Buddha and especially the important and extremely meaningful Buddha statue for all Thai people. The statue is also a symbol for the Thai king – one of the most revered people in Thailand.

Vimanmek Palace

This is also a royal palace of Thailand. Unlike the image of the Grand Palace, Vimanmek Palace is built mostly of wood and consists of 3 floors. It possesses a modern Western-oriented image but still does not lose its own Thai culture.

Ancient wooden palace

Although it has been built since the 1901s, it has so far been honored to be the largest wooden building in the world. Not only that, the peaceful green space of this place always attracts countless visitors to admire.

Golden Buddha Temple

Buddha Golden Temple is located in Bangkok’s China Town. This place owns the largest casted Buddha statue in gold and the largest in the world. Besides this highlight, this temple also attracts tourists by its extremely beautiful luxury architecture. Still, with the image of the familiar yellow roof of the temples in Thailand, the Golden Buddha temple appears as a large palace, making visitors admire praise.

Chao Phraya River

This is the largest and most famous river in Bangkok city, and not only that, most of the famous sightseeing places are located along the river banks such as Binh Minh Pagoda, Asiatique complex …

In particular, this Chao Phraya River seems to have become one of Bangkok’s symbols and when it comes here, what visitors should not ignore is sailing on the river, watching the city scenery.