Top 10 most popular beautiful tourist destinations in Finland (part 3)

7. Kuokkala Church

Kuokkala Church is designed in a contemporary style combined with the uniqueness of traditional church architecture. Church roofs and walls are covered with Slate stone, wood, and copper to increase visual value. The hips of the church are stairs, using granite and a high wall, along with the bell tower forming a main passage into the church. The interior of the church is mainly made of precious woods, marvelous and meticulous, creating a very unique project.

8. Lake Lakeland

Located in Eastern Finland, Lake Lakeland is home to a total of about 55,000 large and small lakes, you will enjoy boating, canoeing to enjoy this unique river view in Finland.

9. Kemi town

The world’s largest snow castle in Kemi is one of the most famous beautiful tourist destinations in Finland, in the city of Tornnio. Here you will have to admire the wonders and originality of the rare ice castle in the world, the bustling nightlife of Kemi city will also give you great experiences.

10. Alan Islands

Located on the border between Finland and Sweden, the Aland Islands have a unique blend of two cultures of the two countries, this is an ideal holiday destination for travelers who love the quiet and the bar. vase, very suitable for rest and relaxation.

With the most famous beautiful tourist destinations in Finland that we just mentioned above, hope that you have helped to understand more about this beautiful country, get attractive addresses in the upcoming travel plans. next. Coming to Finland, you will be able to see the majestic natural scenery of the North Pole, enjoy the wonderful experience, and there are countless other interesting things waiting for you to discover. Wish you will have a very interesting and fun trip.