Top 10 most popular beautiful tourist destinations in Finland (part 2)

4. Capital of Helsinki

Helsinki is one of Finland’s famous beautiful tourist destinations, and there are many green trees and unique buildings. You will have the opportunity to admire the ancient museums, the leading masterpiece works in Europe. You should not ignore the Esplanadin Puisto leafy boulevard to see firsthand a rare romantic scenery.

Here you will be able to explore Suomenlinna Island, take a ferry to surf the streets between the islands. Finnish national theater, Finnish national museum, Ateneum art museum are the ideal destination for travelers who like to explore and love art and culture. Espalanadi park is the capital’s green lung, you should not ignore this place, sip a cup of tea or coffee and slowly feel the beauty of this place!

5. The city views Turku

Turku is a port city on the Baltic coast, in southwestern Finland. There are many unique architectural complexes from ancient times, you will visit the ancient churches to admire the uniqueness of the famous ancient architectural art of Europe. For those who love nature and the sea, Ruissalo National Forest is a great destination, you will be retired, picked mushrooms, bathe and bathe traditionally …

6. Poorvo City

Poorvo is a city located along the Poorvonjoki river, one of Finland’s most famous tourist destinations. You will be able to see the medieval wooden houses, feel the sophistication in the city’s decoration. Along the old streets, you will see a lot of bright little flower pots hanging by the windows, beautiful and elegant fences. You can also visit Poo Cathedralrvo, located at the top of the Swedish stake of the hill, from here will look over the vast and beautiful space of the city.