Top 10 most popular beautiful tourist destinations in Finland (Part 1)

Finland is known as a country with a unique landscape, beautiful, mild and pleasant weather all year round, it is also one of the top tourist attractions in the world.

Famous for its strange, unique festivals, extremely charming natural landscapes, friendly and hospitable people, Finland immediately won the hearts of many tourists. When you come here, you will enjoy the rare beauty of untouched forests, the villages and lakes lying nestled along the mysterious forests, feeling the obvious change of space. the seasons. Here is a list of the most popular beautiful tourist destinations in Finland, giving you a better insight into the country.

1. Suomenlinna Island

Suomenlinna is also known as the “Finnish fortress”, located along the capital Helsinki. The archipelago consists of six small islands lying side by side on the Baltic Sea, with old fortresses and tunnels. Here, you will enjoy the peace of a green and poetic space, an ideal place to camp, experience exciting skydiving sports, or canoeing to visit the islands.

2. Nokia town

The small town of Nokia on the banks of the Kokemaenjoki River, is one of the most famous beautiful tourist destinations in Finland. If you want to come here you can go by bus or train from the city of Tampere.

At the Hinttala museum in this town, people will recreate the traditional customs of Finland, through which visitors will understand more about the lives of indigenous people hundreds of years ago. You can also walk along the gentle hillsides by Lake Vihnusjarvi, a peaceful space that will make you feel relaxed.

3. Lapland

This land is known to have white nights, because in the summer, the sun will not dive for about 60 days and nights, this is a rare experience in life. Lapland is home to the village of Santa Claus or snow princess, coming here in the winter, visitors will participate in sports and snow games such as racing motorbikes, skiing or crossing the Snow fields, the river freezes on cars pulled by Husky Siberian dogs.

You can also creep into pine forests filled with white snow, climb to the top of the hill to watch the sunset, etc. Or you just sit behind the car of the indigenous people to enjoy, look at the poetic beauty of the land this point.