Tips on traveling in Waikiki, Hawaii

Tips on traveling in Waikiki, Hawaii

Hawaii is considered one of the most famous tourist paradises in the world. However, there are many tourists who had just flown to Hawaii and feel disappointed. They claim to see only the houses and vehicles instead of the shimmering images of blue sea, golden sunshine and Hawaiian girls like on film. This travel section will help you understand more about Hawaii as well as help your trip to Hawaii in the future be easier and more enjoyable!

Hanauma Bay

As one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the US, Hanauma Bay possesses a long coastline with many beautiful coral beaches. A lot of tourists come here to watch coral.

Hawaii has 4 large islands that are often chosen as tourist destinations: Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island. Waikiki is the most famous beach in Honolulu city, on the island of Oahu.

Waikiki Beach

Presenting in most rankings about the most beautiful beaches, Waikiki is really an ideal place for underwater activities such as surfing, boogie board (individual floating board), team canoeing, etc. This is because Waikiki waves are very regular and long. Therefore, it is extremely favorable for these sports, especially for beginners and non-professional surfers.

However, Waikiki is not really an ideal place to swim. Waikiki sea water is quite cold compared to the warm weather on the shore, which surprises most visitors. In addition, all four islands in Hawaii are formed from volcanoes, so most of the island’s surface is covered with volcanic rock. Waikiki Beach is no exception.

Tips on traveling in Waikiki, Hawaii

This is a beach without sand. The sand on the beach now is sand brought from elsewhere and covered up. Sometimes when swimming, you will have to kick at your feet. Perhaps because of these reasons, some tourists who came to Waikiki felt disappointed.