Things to note when traveling to Japan (Part 4)


Japanese people are very respectful of what they do (sorry you have to mention, even the girls who work in the entertainment industry at night), and almost absolutely do not accept culture tips, so you don’t should show generosity in restaurants, hotels,, etc. because it may hurt their staff.

Do not bargain when buying and selling

Stores in Japan have a clear price list, NEVER have a bargain or discount. However, in small rural areas, when you buy items such as fruits, vegetables, candies, etc. the seller is happy to give you a little more.


You can refer to transportation in Japan to choose for yourself when you need to move (not on tour). The most popular is the subway. Taxi prices in Japan are relatively expensive.

Japanese traffic is a reverse steering wheel. You must pay attention to obey the traffic rules during the visit. When crossing the road, keep on the right lane for pedestrians and follow the traffic lights.

Other notes about culture

Do not bring shoes into the house: Before going through the door in any house in Japan, even at a restaurant and, you are required to take off your shoes and put in the closet, next to you will have to put away in the reserved house. for guests.

Some notes about daily communication culture in Japan: do not speak loudly, do not throw rubbish indiscriminately, line up, always be ready to say sorry, forbidden to touch the body, hand-double card, leaning down when greeting.

In addition, there are some guests that you should pay attention to such as Japanese culture of umbrellas, the meaning of raising your index finger, etc.

Above are some traveling tips you should know when visiting Japan. Hopefully, the article is useful for you. Have a great trip!