Things to note when traveling to Japan (Part 3)

Made-in-Japan products are still the best option when buying as gifts. Please also note that there are many Made-in-China products in Japan, but the quality is controlled by the manufacturers so it is completely assured.

Some items if you have planned to buy from home such as Milk, functional foods, you can book in advance with the Travel Company for them to buy and transfer to the last hotel together with you, make sure the price is better, and also help you with shopping time. Please rest assured that the purchase price is better, you can check and compare prices at the supermarkets.

Hotel and accommodation

Hotels and accommodations in Japan are quite diverse, including both traditional Japanese and European style.

In general, the hotel layout in Japan is usually more compact, so sometimes you feel it is smaller than comparable hotels in Europe.

In hotels in Japan basically have full toothbrush and toothpaste, towels, face towels, slipper slippers in the room.

In the hotel, there are 7-9 TV channels for free to watch, but there are also paid channels, buying cards where vending machines are located near the elevator on every floor, and then putting the card in the TV to watch it.

If you use the drinks contained in the fridge (mini bar) or make a phone call from the hotel, there will be an additional charge incurred when checking out.

Security and Safety

In Japan, the security is very good, rarely there is a story of theft, if you lose things you can also hope to find it again. The Japanese are very gentle, willing to help people arrive, but you also note that English in Japan is not really popular, in addition, local people do not know the address. Best advice: Customers should pocket hotel address (in Japanese); when you get lost, there is no other alternative go to the police.