Things to note when traveling to Japan (Part 1)

Japan is a beautiful, clean country with excellent nature and many famous architectural works.

Japan promotes the spirit of Preserving the Traditional Values, along with the introduction of Western Knowledge, so coming here you will feel strange, like a fairy, like a legend. It keeps the flourishing cities of friendly, kind, gentle, and very traditional people.

Travelers coming to Japan who are able to visit, to experience, to work or shop should also note the following characteristics for a successful trip.

Note before departure & Exit Procedures

Remember not to forget your passport, air ticket (or ticket code) present at the airport to check-in at least 2 hours before flight. Absolutely do not bring fresh fruits into Japan. When customs procedures are detected, if HQ employees are detected at the airport, they will be confiscated whole and a heavy fine.

Do not put liquids in excess of 70 ml such as sunscreen, lotion, shower gel, shampoo, etc. and metal tools that can cause high damage such as knives, scissors, flammable objects such as lighters , matchboxes, etc. in hand luggage.

Immigration Procedures and Notes on Arrival at the Airport

When checking in at the airport gate to enter Japan, you will be fingerprinted by the XNC staff into the machine. How to take: put your left or right index finger on the machine, keep until the XNC staff at the gate signaling to be released (only about 5 to 7 seconds).

Weather and dress

Please refer to Japan Travel season in any year? to know about the weather and note the months of the year in Japan to decide whether to bring clothes and jewelry appropriately.


You can bring some instant noodles to eat more, or less shrimp, scrub cotton in case you are not familiar with Japanese food. Absolutely not bring fresh fruits and food when entering Japan.

Some common stomach aches & flu medications may be brought along because Japanese medicine requires a doctor’s prescription, and the price is relatively high.