The Italian town full of rainbow houses

The Italian town full of rainbow houses

Located about 7 km to the northeast of Venice (Italy), the small town on Burano Island is very charming with fairy houses of colorful rainbow colors. This beautiful town also gives tourists a sense of tranquility, in contrast to the bustle of the city that is not far away – the ancient city of Venice.

An attractive place

Although there are no monumental buildings, the serene Burano is like a miniature version of Venice with many canals and ditches running along and across the street. Besides, lines of small houses with 2-3 floors along the canal bank, together with the alleys, make Burano an extraordinary beauty spot. The transport on the canal here is “vaporetto” – a typical public boat of the city, used by people as a type of bus.

Nowadays, when the town has become a tourist attraction, Burano residents can paint their houses according to their preferences but must obtain permission and approval from the authorities. Even homeowners are required to paint the house once a year in the color of the previous year so that the house always looks new.


Little things

Coming to Burano, tourists are usually introduced to the famous traditional embroidery and lace, dating from the sixteenth century. In ancient times, the Burano lace was a high-end product that was extremely popular with the nobility and the upper classes.

In addition to the colorful walls, the small flower pots, the clotheslines, bikes, curtains, and countless other objects are arranged by the town residents here. Come to this beautiful destination, visitors surely will immerse in the scenery here.

If you have the opportunity to go to Italy, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the small town of Burano – considered one of the most beautiful small islands in Italy.