Some tips travelling in Italy

Some tips travelling in Italy

Italy is always an attractive destination for tourists. Let’s check out the necessary Italian travel guides below!

The most ideal time to travel in Italy

The scene at these seasons is very beautiful. While in spring, grasses sprout up, fresh, and thousands of different flowers show off, in the autumn, there are leaves covers all over the place, which is very romantic.

Beautiful tourist destinations in Italy

A stunning country like Italy must be beautiful all the time, but if it is to choose the most beautiful and suitable time to travel is spring and autumn.

San Gimignanote Village

As a small village of Manhatten, San Gimignanote is well known for its stone-built towers; is a symbol of prosperity and strength. At the same time, this place is also an ideal place to discover the magnificent architecture of a historical period for those who like to visit and learn about famous towers.

Pisa Tower

Speaking of Italy, it is impossible not to mention Pisa – the famous tower not only in Italy but also around the world. Originally, this tower was originally not tilted as we see it now, but because it was built on soft ground, it was subjected to tilt. However, this is what attracts more and more tourists around the world to admire this architectural work, getting a 296 staircase climbing experience of the tower.

Pompeii old city

Some tips travelling in Italy

This is a historic place you should not miss when traveling in Italia. It was originally a lavish and prosperous city in the 79s AD. But after the volcanic eruption, the whole city was engulfed in flames, leaving only rock and ash. So far, Pompeii is an attractive destination for those who love to explore and learn about human life 2000 years ago.

With some tips below, hope you will have a great experience traveling in Italy.