Things to note when traveling to Japan (Part 1)

Japan is a beautiful, clean country with excellent nature and many famous architectural works. Japan promotes the spirit of Preserving the Traditional Values, along with the introduction of Western Knowledge, so coming here you will feel strange, like a fairy, like a legend. It keeps the flourishing cities of friendly, kind, gentle, and very traditional people. Travelers coming to Japan who are able to visit, to experience, to work or shop should also note the following characteristics for a successful

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Top 10 most popular beautiful tourist destinations in Finland (part 3)

7. Kuokkala Church Kuokkala Church is designed in a contemporary style combined with the uniqueness of traditional church architecture. Church roofs and walls are covered with Slate stone, wood, and copper to increase visual value. The hips of the church are stairs, using granite and a high wall, along with the bell tower forming a main passage into the church. The interior of the church is mainly made of precious woods, marvelous and meticulous, creating a very unique project. 8.

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Top 10 most popular beautiful tourist destinations in Finland (part 2)

4. Capital of Helsinki Helsinki is one of Finland’s famous beautiful tourist destinations, and there are many green trees and unique buildings. You will have the opportunity to admire the ancient museums, the leading masterpiece works in Europe. You should not ignore the Esplanadin Puisto leafy boulevard to see firsthand a rare romantic scenery. Here you will be able to explore Suomenlinna Island, take a ferry to surf the streets between the islands. Finnish national theater, Finnish national museum, Ateneum

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Top 10 most popular beautiful tourist destinations in Finland (Part 1)

Finland is known as a country with a unique landscape, beautiful, mild and pleasant weather all year round, it is also one of the top tourist attractions in the world. Famous for its strange, unique festivals, extremely charming natural landscapes, friendly and hospitable people, Finland immediately won the hearts of many tourists. When you come here, you will enjoy the rare beauty of untouched forests, the villages and lakes lying nestled along the mysterious forests, feeling the obvious change of

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Top 8 most stunning cities to visit in Germany (part 4)

7. Hamburg Compared to the rival of the capital Berlin, the wealthy port city of Hamburg captures every tourist with the most beautiful beauty and dynamism in Europe. The magical beauty of Hamburg is expressed through museums, ancient churches, lush parks, dreamy swan lake, modern and bustling shopping areas, etc. With its economic prosperity and unique natural landscape, Hamburg is a place that attracts every visitor’s soul when he remembers unforgettable memories of beautiful Germany. Famous places not to be

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Top 8 most stunning cities to visit in Germany (part 3)

Let’s continue the list! 5. Rothenburg ob der Tauber Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of the most attractive towns in Germany and is located on the banks of Tauber. It is wonderful that old buildings, narrow streets and towering buildings reflect the old days that remain intact since the war. Attractions such as Master Builder’s home with spectacular courtyard and wooden railings, Burggarten, castle gardens and its beautiful flower baskets must all be visited when in Rothenburg ob der

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Top 8 most stunning cities to visit in Germany (part 2)

Let’s continue the list of top 8 most worth-visiting places in Germany! 3. Berlin capital Berlin capital – the cultural, economic and political capital of Germany will definitely captivate every visitor. In addition to bringing an ancient beauty with unique European architectural works and romantic, poetic natural landscapes, Berlin is also a city with the most tragic history in the world. in the 20th century, it was a remnant of the remains of the Second World War. The most famous

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Da Nang beach- is this the destination for us in summer holiday?

The summer is coming soon, you consider about the place where your family can enjoy the wonderful summer holiday together. Following my tips and tricks because you will discover the best destination. It’s Da Nang beach We have more 1000 reasons which persuade you to choose Da Nang beach. It is located on the bank of Han River therefore it is called as the port city with many special beauty which you only feel find in Da Nang. Let’s start

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Top 8 most stunning cities to visit in Germany (part 1)

1. Lindau Lindau is a beautiful location on Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee, in Bavaria. The old town of the city is located on a lovely island, making it a visible location for those visiting Germany. Lindau is also the starting point for many tours on the Bodensee, giving visitors a great sense of travel with knick jewelry shops, bars and restaurants serving local dishes. Different from the beautiful image of the harbor, lake and the majestic mountains, architecture

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Useful tips when traveling to Denmark

Suitable time of the year traveling to Denmark Denmark has a pleasant climate for both seasons. So you can travel here year-round. Summer From May to early June is the most appropriate time for Danish tourism, because the temperature is quite warm and pleasant, not the most crowded time so you will avoid the price situation. escalating service and crowded, bustling. Fall Come to Denmark at this time, you will feel the peace here. With quiet brown colors covering the

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