Lost in the fairy world with these magical destinations in Europe (P1)

  1. ELTZ Castle – Germany
    Eltz Castle is located on a hill 70 meters high, standing majestically on the gentle Moselle river. Eltz is located next to an important Roman trade route and a rare plant sanctuary. This work belongs to the Eltz clan, in the state of Rhineland – Palatinate, Germany. In the 12th and 13th centuries, it was inhabited by the Middle Ages. As a witness of many wars, but Eltz castle is not affected but still retains its magnificence and ancientness. Visiting the castle, you will be able to see antiques centuries ago, famous painting or enjoy the green air of the mountains.
  2. Mont-Saint-Michel Islands – France
    Mont-Saint-Michel Oasis is one of France’s most attractive tourist destinations, behind only the Eiffel Tower and the castle of Versailles. This place is located in the northwestern region of France, nearly 1 km from the mainland and has an area of ​​about 100 hectares. The shape here often depends on the tides. When the tide rises, Mont-Saint-Michel is like a lonely castle in the ocean. But at low tide, the oasis is returned to be a solid fortress.

With many unique cultural and historical values, Mont-Saint-Michel has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In addition, this land also has more than 60 architectural works recognized as historic monuments of France. Every year, the oasis of Mont-Saint-Michel welcomes about 3 million tourists to visit.

  1. Ancient town Tossa De Mar – SPAIN
    The ancient town of Tossa de Mar is located on the coast of Costa Brava, in Catalonia, Spain, about 103 kilometers north of Barcelona and 100 kilometers south of the French border. The winding roads, the walls, the medieval fortress are the typical symbols of this land. This place is also famous for many ruins from Roman times such as towers, old houses … Come to Tossa de Mar, do not forget to visit beautiful beaches, experience activities such as scuba diving, surfing. , row a boat … or participate in bowling, golf. Alternatively, visitors can also go west of the town to see the pine hills and enjoy the fresh air.