Guide to enjoy your vacation in Toronto, Canada

Guide to enjoy your vacation in Toronto, Canada

Choose a time to Toronto

Four seasons are distinctive to see in Toronto. Winter is probably the most exciting season for those who want to watch the snow and soak up the cold air. Although ice and snow cover the whole city, on beautiful days, you can still move around the city easily.

Summer in Toronto is also quite hot. You can also go to Toronto to explore in the remaining 2 seasons because the weather is quite mild and pleasant.

Travel experience in the city

The public transportation system in Toronto is very convenient. You can choose from a few vehicles below to get around when exploring the city.

Subway is one of the most popular vehicles in this city. However, there is a note you need to consider. Moving along the main routes will often not be able to pass all the points. There will be times when you need to use other means of transport.

The bus is also a very convenient means of transportation in Toronto. You can easily move to many places because most of the roads in this city have bus stops. This can be said to be the most effective means of transport you can use.

Guide to enjoy your vacation in Toronto, Canada

In addition, the streetcar system is also one of the most interesting means of transportation. In the city, there are about 11 bus routes running to many points in the city.

Impressive sights

CN Tower is one of the attractions that you should not miss when visiting Toronto. This is like a symbol of the city. There are also many observatories on the tower to help you see the whole city from above. Try the glassy walk experience, playing thrilling Edge Walk. This is a place where you can also experience dining and shopping quite reasonably.