Kremlin Palace

Also known as the Kremlin. The palace was built in 1475. Referring to Russia, it is impossible not to mention one of the famous tourist destinations in Russia such as the Kremlin Palace. Russia’s Kremlin palace quickly became the symbol of Russia’s tourist image. The Kremlin is in the center, on the left bank of the Moscow River, on Borovitskii Hill. In the past, the palace was the place where the Russian king used to run the court. Today the palace is also used for political purposes. Russian top and top agencies have offices located here. The Kremlin is a historic fortress overlooking Red Square in Moscow, including the Kremlin Palace, the Kremlin church, the Kremlin citadel, and the Kremlin tower. The Kremlin Palace is open daily for domestic and foreign visitors to visit.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

St. Basil’s Cathedral is considered one of the Russian tourist attractions attracting a large number of international tourists to visit. When visitors travel to Russia to visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral, visitors will be attracted by the special architecture of the church. Designed like the shape of a fire, this architecture was later renovated. However, there are no works in the world like St Basil’s Cathedral.

Red Square

Red Square is a Russian tourist destination that makes people here proud. Russians are even more proud when Unesco officially recognizes the cultural and historical value of Red Square. Russian Square is conveniently located right in the central square of the beautiful Russian capital. Built in the late years of the 15th century until now, Red Square has experienced many remarkable events in the history of Russia and the world. Red Square has changed its name many times and has the official name of Red Square. Around the square, there are also many works with meaningful legends. According to the experience of visitors who love beautiful Russia, this place is one of the most desirable top destinations when you set foot. to Russia.

Hermitage Museum

Ermitage Art Museum is Russia’s largest museum and the third in the world, following the Louvre Museum (France) and the Vatican (Italy). Founded in 1764, Ermitage exhibits 3 million artifacts, including works of art through the ages and ancient artifacts of ancient cultures. Collections occupy a large space of six historic buildings including the Winter Palace, the residence of Russian emperors.

Winter Palace

Russia is famous for the winter palace. This is one of the typical architectural works of the country of Aries. The winter palace built from 1753, so far, experiencing many ups and downs of history, the basic architecture of the palace remains intact.

The Winter Palace consists of more than 700 ornately decorated rooms, built of imported marble materials from Italy and Finland. The historic masterpiece palace is built on the effort of more than 2,300 hard-working workers for 9 years. Having such a grandiose look, the Winter Palace had to mobilize forces as well as a lot of money. Today, the Winter Palace is one of the attractions that attracts millions of tourists to visit and learn about the historical culture here.