Da Nang beach- is this the destination for us in summer holiday?

The summer is coming soon, you consider about the place where your family can enjoy the wonderful summer holiday together. Following my tips and tricks because you will discover the best destination. It’s Da Nang beach

We have more 1000 reasons which persuade you to choose Da Nang beach. It is located on the bank of Han River therefore it is called as the port city with many special beauty which you only feel find in Da Nang. Let’s start the journey to Da Nang beach through my description

The first, there are so many entertainment places here. Da Nang is famous for natural long beach such as My Khe beach, Lang Co Beach, Son Tra peninsula…From policy of the Government, Da Nang has been proposed to become a service and tourist center not only the Middle but also all over Vietnam, therefore a series of tourism areas have been built up harmoniously between the nature and modern. At beaches, tourists can choose luxurious place or ecological tourism areas for taking a rest

Da Nang Beach on the sunshine

Besides it, Da Nang has developed with many amusement parks such as Bai But, Bai Rang and many extremely beautiful and unique bridges with architectural legend such as Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Han River Bridge. Especially, Han River Bridge is the first swing bridge of Vietnam and also the pride of Da Nang’s citizens

Dragon Bridge in night

Secondly, Da Nang overwhelms with the traditional foods which are delicious and cheap. It is considered as the miniature paradise of gastronomy with the smallest items like banh beo, banh nam to the tasty bowl of sauce noodles or the bread loaf loaded salted meat. Seafood is very fresh here. It is caught from the sea and cooked according to the taste of local people. You feel surprising at how cheap they are

The next, the weather is perfect for your summer holiday. The best time to visit Da Nang is from March to September because this is the sunny and hot season in Vietnam. At this time, the sky is blue while the water is very clean so that you can enjoy your wonderful holiday

The last, one of reason makes you impressive to Da Nang is local people. They are considered as friendly and hospitality. They are aware of doing tourism which makes more money and develops their city, they are always welcome to visitors and make the environment comfortable

Don’t hesitate, just come Da Nang and enjoy your trip to feel the beauty of this city