Amid coronavirus but want to travel? Join in These Adventures with Bob the Robber (part 3)

2. Bob the Robber: Japan The next difficulty is Ninjas – the legendary warriors of Japan. They are in charge of protecting these places, so if you want to help Bob, you need to figure out a way to deal with them. It isn’t effortless because they are fast and use swords. So, the best thing you can do is wait until they drop their guard and sleep. Besides ninjas, you also need to cope with guards and the owners

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Amid coronavirus but want to travel? Join in These Adventures with Bob the Robber (part 2)

1. Bob the Robber: Temple Adventure You start the game at the bottom of the pyramid, and all you need to do is collect gold and valuable objects while trying to find a way to climb up. There are various obstacles on your way. The first one is locked doors. You can deal with them by using some easy tricks that Bob is familiar with. The second obstacle includes guards, archeologists, and mummies. You can’t hit the guards because they are

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Amid coronavirus but want to travel? Join in These Adventures with Bob the Robber (part 1)

We all want to have a fun and happy start for a new year, and to earn it, we have numerous choices. Some choose to discover new lands and get exciting experiences, while some want to stay home and enjoy the beginning of the new year with their family and their friends. So, what about people who want to stay at home with their family but also want to have exciting adventures? You might find it challenging to deal with

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Top 13 must-visit destinations in the world

Top 13 must-visit destinations in the world (Part 1)

Top 13 must-visit destinations in the world (Part 1) 1. Vang Bridge- Da Nang Vang Bridge is a new project in Thien Thai garden, in Ba Na Hills tourist area (Da Nang) which has just opened to welcome visitors in early June. Located halfway between the mountains, the bridge makes visitors surprised. Walking along the bridge, visitors will feel like walking in the clouds or like “stray into the realms of the future”. 2. Zhangjiajie National Park, China Located in

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Useful tips when traveling to Denmark

Suitable time of the year traveling to Denmark Denmark has a pleasant climate for both seasons. So you can travel here year-round. Summer From May to early June is the most appropriate time for Danish tourism, because the temperature is quite warm and pleasant, not the most crowded time so you will avoid the price situation. escalating service and crowded, bustling. Fall Come to Denmark at this time, you will feel the peace here. With quiet brown colors covering the

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The 4 most traveled countries in the world

1. FRANCE – 82.6 million France leads the world in the list of most traveled countries. The country regularly organizes attractive tours at tourist sites. They are tours to cultural center cities like Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, or Alpine Mountains, ski resorts, beaches, picturesque French countryside, gardens, and many beautiful parks. The country has 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In France, the country’s tourism industry contributes 9.7% of the country’s GDP. Of which, 30% is revenue from foreign tourists, the remaining

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