Best types of sports tourism to try in 2020 (part 1)

Instead of traveling normally for sightseeing, resting in luxury hotels, many people have chosen physical challenges to have a more enjoyable vacation.

Actual figures show that, among the 17 million people recognized as being in good health, 40% are due to frequent travel. Sports trips often bring great effects to both their mind and body.

The health tourism tourism market is expected to reach US $ 919 billion by 2022, doubling that of other types of tourism in general, proving its potential and distinct appeal. On average, tourists pay about $ 1,528 for a sports trip, 53% more than regular travelers.

Detox Travel / Detoxification: Detox Travel is a great resort, helping to cleanse the body of waste and toxins, even purifying the mind, helping to dispel bad emotions in each people. If you use a Detox treatment, you will have to combine it with meditation, yoga and massage. Travel Detox provides you with a lot of energy, boosts the immune system and helps shape a healthy lifestyle under the guidance of experts.

Bodybuilding tourism: Bodybuilding training programs in the form of travel usually last about a week, which is a time for you to consume fat and train muscle. If you just want to relax, this is not the best suggestion for you, because it is only suitable for people who want to lose weight but have no effective way.

Health tourism: This is a comprehensive health care program designed specifically for each customer base on current health and mental health. You can practice yoga or pilates at specialized spas. During this time, you will be completely relaxed.

One of the best healthcare travel destinations in Asia is Kamalaya, on the beautiful Koh Samui island in Thailand. It has comprehensive treatments, beautiful beaches, and attractive health and fitness programs.

You will have many options depending on your abilities, interests and budget.