Best Tourist Attractions in Venice, Italy

A trip to Venice, Italy will take you to visit the most romantic city in the world.

St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square is the central point of the city, where all tourists come during their time in Venice. Guests can enjoy the open space during an afternoon wandering in the square. Along it are a row of pleasant outdoor cafes, restaurants and shops beneath the surrounding fences. One of the most famous cafes on the square is Caffè Florian. You can enjoy a hot cup of capuchino while watching the sunset set pink the whole sky of Venice.

Bridge of Sighs

The bridge made from white limestone is the most famous bridge in Venice. A special highlight of the Bridge of Sighs is the faces sculpted on the bridge body when visitors sit on a bottom boat and look from the river. Most of them were sad or angry faces, only one smiling face that no one could understand what caused the artist to sculpt like that. The legend says that if lovers sit on a flat boat in the sunset and exchange kisses under the bridge, there will be eternal love and happiness.

Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace was originally the palace of the Venetian governor and the headquarters of government agencies and courts of the Republic of Venice. The outside of the palace is built in Gothic style, the main side has 36 round columns, above the round column are semicircular shapes, creating a sense of balance. Above, there are 71 round pillars arranged in neatly lined rows, especially carved with pink and white marble motifs forming an impressive facade. The ceiling, where the doors are carved in gold and decorated with paintings, murals of Tintoretto.

Burano Island

Located about 40 minutes from the city, Burano Island has a town with several hundred small houses adjacent to each other creating a colorful picture.

Murano Island

Without color houses like Burano, Murano Island is famous for the village of making Murano glass, mirrors, products from quartz stone, chandeliers. On the island there are works created from glass very unique and creative that you exclaim excited.