Amid coronavirus but want to travel? Join in These Adventures with Bob the Robber (part 3)

2. Bob the Robber: Japan

The next difficulty is Ninjas – the legendary warriors of Japan. They are in charge of protecting these places, so if you want to help Bob, you need to figure out a way to deal with them. It isn’t effortless because they are fast and use swords. So, the best thing you can do is wait until they drop their guard and sleep. Besides ninjas, you also need to cope with guards and the owners of the houses or temples. However, these characters can be overcome easily by hitting or pushing them. The mission is finished when Bob gets the thing that he wants. Let’s help Bob get a chance to travel to Japan.

3. Bob the Robber: France

After spending months in Japan, Bob wants to come back to Europe, and his next target is in Paris, France – the City of Light. In this adventure, he wants to steal some famous paintings at the Louvre museum. Bob has no artistic sense at all, but he knows what his clients want and the value of these paintings. This museum has a top security system, so he decided to penetrate it from the underground system.

If you think that there is nothing to stop you, you’d be wrong. There are no guards underground, but there are robots. They are here to serve as an alarm for any unwanted incidents, and unlike guards who can be defeated when they are tired, you can’t knock the robots out. So, it would be best if you waited until they run out of energy. Also, the elevator underground requires codes if you want to use it, so you must not only avoid the robots, but you also have to look for the codes for the lifts. When you can reach the upper floors, you will meet with guards, cameras and laser security doors, etc. And you start to collect paintings too. The faster you finish the mission, the more time you have to visit Paris, so grab this chance to travel to Paris with Bob.