Amid coronavirus but want to travel? Join in These Adventures with Bob the Robber (part 2)

1. Bob the Robber: Temple Adventure

You start the game at the bottom of the pyramid, and all you need to do is collect gold and valuable objects while trying to find a way to climb up. There are various obstacles on your way. The first one is locked doors. You can deal with them by using some easy tricks that Bob is familiar with. The second obstacle includes guards, archeologists, and mummies. You can’t hit the guards because they are armed. So you have to wait until they get tired and sleep. With the old and weak archeologists, knocking them down is easy, and with the mummies, if they are still, ignore them because they can’t harm you. But, if they are moving, avoid them. You can’t kill or hit a dead thing. Use the four arrow keys to move around, and press the up arrow key when you want to use your gadgets to open the doors or cut any wire. Join this exciting adventure now and see whether or not you can reach the top of the pyramid.

2. Bob the Robber: Japan

Have you always wanted to travel to Japan to admire the cherry blossoms? Then, you will have a chance to visit this beautiful country in this game. Of course, you show up in Japan for a purpose. You join in with Bob in his new mission. This time, he will break into temples and ancient houses where priceless objects are preserved, and his journey will start in Kyoto and finish in Osaka. So, if you join him, you can travel to the most beautiful places in Japan.

This mission is more complicated than the former one. The first thing Bob has to deal with is the ancient Japanese architecture. The design of houses and temples in Japan is strange for Bob, who is only used to Western designs.