Amid coronavirus but want to travel? Join in These Adventures with Bob the Robber (part 1)

We all want to have a fun and happy start for a new year, and to earn it, we have numerous choices. Some choose to discover new lands and get exciting experiences, while some want to stay home and enjoy the beginning of the new year with their family and their friends. So, what about people who want to stay at home with their family but also want to have exciting adventures? You might find it challenging to deal with this case, but nothing is impossible, and the answer to this severe problem is playing online adventure games.

With the games, you don’t need to get out of your house or even your room to join in various exciting adventures. You can explore Russia with its snow and vodka, and then, 5 minutes later, you are ready for a new adventure in Egypt. Moreover, online games give you incredible experiences that you can’t have in real life. For instance, you will have a chance to fight against zombies, dragons, or any other creature that only exists in your dreams, movies, or human imagination.

So, if you are looking for new and fun adventures for a new year, but you don’t want to travel, don’t skip the various exciting experiences to different countries with Bob the Robber in the list below.

1. Bob the Robber: Temple Adventure

Let’s start our list with a fun and easy online game, Bob the Robber. The protagonist of this game is Bob – a professional thief. He has traveled across the world and had various successful robberies. This time, he went to the Amazon. Archeologists have discovered an ancient pyramid. This pyramid is untouched. The antiques inside are well-preserved, and they are priceless. This news drew Bob’s attention, so he decided to come here and steal some antiques. However, this mission isn’t easy. Besides archeologists, he also has to cope with various walking mummies. So, now he needs your help.