6 Best Parks According to World Travelers

A park is a place where tourists can learn more about the lifestyle of the local people. Let’s explore the list of top-rated parks in cities around the world in the article below.

1. Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada

Being the first park in Vancouver, Stanley Park is a national historic building of Canada. This green space includes over 400 hectares. Stanley Park is almost completely surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Locals and travelers love the magnificent roads, romantic beaches, wildlife and historical sites there.

2. Garden of the Gods, Colorado

This is an American national natural monument famous for its beautiful and large rocks. This park is a favorite destination for mountain climbing, horse riding, mountain biking, etc.

3. Central Park, New York

Covering more than 340 hectares, this park is a national historic building right in the heart of Manhattan. Visitors can rent a boat from the Loeb Boathouse pier scene to visit the polar bears at Central Park zoo, then have dinner at Tavern on the Green restaurant.

4. Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois

Millenium Park is considered a public works of art Cloud Gate, a famous sculpture. Also, this is the place to show postmodern architectural works. Visiting Millenium Park, you can try ice skating, watch concerts at the Harris Theater or visit the Crown Fountain.

5. The High Line, New York

This park was built atop an aerial freight train track that has been inactive since the 80’s. This is a special structure among the busy streets of Manhattan. It has a total length of 2.5km running through 20 streets with colorful flower beds, romantic seats, small eateries and shopping kiosks.

6. Kings Park and Botanical Garden, Australia

There are more than 5 million visitors to this park, which covers more than 400 hectares west of Perth. Kings Park Festival, Australia’s largest annual wild flower festival, takes place in this park.