4 most attractive travel destinations in Indonesia

The island of Bali
Bali, beautiful island is one of 17,500 islands of Indonesia, is the most popular tourist destination in this country. Bali owns beautiful beaches with clear blue lake like giant jade like Kuta, Bias Tugal, Ungasan, etc. It is also famous for old temples like Uluwatu, Tanah Lot. And especially, Seminyak is an area known as a great food and shopping paradise in Bali.
If you are the type of romantic, go to Uluwatu temple to watch the sunset. It will certainly be an impressive moment when you admire the whole sky shimmering with colors that are converted from yellow, pink, orange to dark purple.

Nusa Dua Beach
Nusa Dua is the most beautiful and clean beach in the southern part of Bali with thousands of green coconut trees, smooth white sand stretching like endless. The blue sea is peaceful, peaceful and there are few big waves or cliffs. Especially interesting at the beach you can freely admire the coral reefs of all shapes and colors when the tide recedes. As adventurous, you can join a myriad of adventure games at sea.

Lake Toba
About 75,000 years ago, on the island of Sumatra, a horrific eruption erupted and froze for 1,000 years. After the ice melted, Lake Toba formed from there. In the middle of this Toba lake is an oasis called Samosir – home to the Batak community.
Every year, tourists from all over the world flock to Toba not only to admire the spacious scenery or enjoy the fresh air. They also learn about the life and culture of Batak people with a lifestyle that still remains traditionally preserved from ancient times.

Bromo volcano
Bromo is an active volcano located on the east of Java island. If you love adventure, climbing will help you witness the lava boiling in the mountains with high smoke columns. However, to have these wonderful moments, you must prepare mentally and everything to overcome the arduous journey. In particular, dawn on Mount Bromo is much welcomed by tourists.